Aluminum and Copper


Aluminum tiles are an excellent alternative to asphalt or steel shingles because they are much more durable than asphalt, and more resistant to rust than steel.


Aluminum comes in a variety of over 70 colors and patterns.

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Environment friendly

Aluminum tiles are 100% recyclable. Although requiring more energy to produce than steel, the amazing resistance of aluminum to corrosion gives it superior durability and recyclability throughout its life.


Thanks to the invisible four-side anchoring system, aluminum tiles can withstand winds of over 200 km/h while maintaining their sealing. Thanks to a compact oxide layer that forms naturally on the surface of aluminum, tiles will not rust, rot, deform nor flake. 

The only downside of aluminum compared to steel is its lower resistance to impact. Very large hail can cause an undesirable uneven pattern to the tiles, without however affecting waterproofing nor durability.

Product life : between 50 and 75 years

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For more than 2000 years, copper has been used as a roofing material worldwide. Whether for its unparalleled durability or its natural finish that oxidizes over time, a copper roof offers even more!

The aesthetics of copper

According to region, weather and climate, copper ages in a unique fashion. The oxidation of copper on its surface brings a greenish color (verdigris) which forms differently according to the environment and its exposure to the elements.

For a durable metallic copper finish, tinned copper should be preferred, see below.

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The longevity of copper

The first quality of copper is its resistance to corrosion. Examples from the past have shown that the life of a copper roof can be counted in hundreds, even thousands of years. This durability is due to copper’s excellent resistance to corrosion. When the metal surface is oxidized, there is formation of insoluble, waterproof and highly adherent compounds that protect the copper underneath against any environmental aggression.

No maintenance

Copper roofs do not need to be painted or varnished and require no special maintenance. Copper’s resistance to corrosion and strength ensure outstanding natural longevity. It is the ideal material that will free the owner of any maintenance concerns.

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When looking at the economic balance, sheet of copper compared to other roofing materials over a long period, copper roofs are the most advantageous by far. This is due to their longevity, absence of maintenance, as well as value added to the building.

Tinned copper

Roofs made of tin-plated copper have the same properties and benefits as standard copper, except that it is covered with a thin layer of tin to prevent oxidation and thus maintaining the original copper finish.

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