Cedar shingles

Grade A western cedar

Cedar shingle roofs are not all made equal. A wide variety of cedar and grades are available on the market. Although the choice of western red or blue cedar is a good start, it must also be well selected, sized and installed, in order to ensure sustainability.

State of the art installation of a good grade A western cedar is perfectly suited to face our harsh climate.

Cedar shingles are naturally antifungal, have insulation and soundproofing properties, not to mention their remarkable aesthetics.

This noble material is considered the most environmentally friendly conventional option, given the small amount of energy required for its manufacturing, its durability, and the fact that it is an excellent carbon sink.

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In general, cedar shingles are left in their natural state without any further protection. With time, its satin finish becomes silver gray which is popular and sought after by connoisseurs.

Cedar shingles requires very little maintenance, are highly resistant to high winds and have an exceptional product life.

Product life : from 30 to 50 years, even more depending on installation and environment.

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