Check your contractor

When it comes to choosing a construction contractor, the best reference is often word of mouth. But we must also check:

  • The validity of the contractor’s license with the Régie du bâtiment du Québec (RBQ)
    A call to the Régie (1 800 361-0761) can at least provide you with information on the quality of the entrepreneur’s records.
    The RBQ website provides basic information only.
  • The Québec Entreprise Number (NEQ)
    It can be very interesting to compare the age of the company with the length of the guarantees offered by it…
toitures commerciales et industrielles
  • The contractor’s record with the Office de la protection du consommateur (OPC)
Note that a contractor who signs a contract at the customer’s residence must be registered with the OPC as a traveling salesman.
The contract should also include the Statement of consumer cancellation rights and the resolution form (French only). (1 888 672-2556)
    • The validity of the company’s liability insurance
      The minimum coverage in 2015 for most insurers is 2 million dollars. The contractor should be able to provide either a proof of insurance or the policy number with the name of the insurer. For the modified bitumen membrane application, we must make sure that working with flame is covered.

The contract

  • The contract should be as detailed as possible and include elements such as the removal and disposal of the existing roof coating, the choice of materials and guarantees provided.
  • The terms of payment, related costs (supplement for unforeseen work) and the Statement of consumer cancellation rights (Section 58 of the Consumer Protection Act) with the resolution form should also be included.
  • A quote containing only the description of the work without any detailed contract leaves an open door to many potential misunderstandings.