Membrane EPDM

EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer) membrane is a synthetic rubber membrane that is extremely resistant to aging and hail. This membrane is mainly used on flat or very low slope roofs, residential or commercial. It is offered in black or white.


Characteristics :


EPDM has excellent resistance to UV rays, ozone, acid rain and temperature variations. Its useful life is evaluated from 20 to over 50 years, depending on the configuration but especially on the quality of the installation. However, it is not recommended on roofs accessible to rodents, a few cases of attacks having been reported in Canada and the United States.

The Achilles heel of this membrane is located at the crossings of glued junctions, less reliable and durable than the junctions

Flameless installation


The installation of the EPDM membrane is done completely cold, without any fire. The joints are made using contact adhesives and self-adhesive tapes. The membrane can be held in place either by a ballast, or mechanically fixed with anchor screws (reinforced version only), or more commonly for small surfaces, fully glued to the support. Note that the white membrane is only available in an unreinforced version, which makes full bonding mandatory.


Exceptional flexibility


The EPDM membrane has exceptional elasticity even at -45 ° C, a guarantee of durability.

With the right support, ideally a slightly flexible insulation panel such as polyisocyanurate (standard density), the EPDM membrane will be the champion of all categories against hail. The support that is too firm, such as wood, will increase the risk of the membrane pinching.

Available in large tablecloths


The black EPDM membrane is available in sizes up to 50 feet wide and 200 feet long. This allows a very quick installation on large commercial surfaces (ballasted system only). Note that a ballasted system is very heavy and therefore very rarely used on residential buildings.




The EPDM membrane is made of inert materials that have very little impact on the environment. In addition, the EPDM membrane production plants have obtained ISO 14001 certificate, which reflects the commitment to environmental management. Recyclable only if installed without glue (ballasted or mechanically fixed system).