Rénovert tax credit

The Rénovert provincial program provides a refundable tax credit for the following roofing work:

Note: This program has been extended until march 31th 2019.

  1. Replacment of a flat or low slope (<2/12) roofing with a reflective material (see TPO membrane and / or elastomeric membrane); membrane TPO et/ou membrane élastomère);
  2. Attic insulation in order to achieve an insulating value of R41;
  3. Insulation of a cathedral ceiling or flat roof in order to achieve an insulating value of R28;
  4. Installing a green roof;

The occupant homeowner is eligible for a credit of 20% of the amounts taxes included that exceed $ 2 500 up to a maximum of $ 10,000.

For more information, click here to see the Revenu Québec website.