EPDM membrane is a single layer of synthetic rubber highly resistant to aging and hail. Ideal for flat  or low slope roofs, whether residential or commercial.

Exceptional product life

With its chemical composition, EPDM has unmatched resistance to UV rays, ozone and temperature variations. Its useful life is estimated from 20 to 50 years, depending on the configuration, environment and installation. This very soft membrane is not recommended for roofs accessible to rodents, a few cases of attacks having been reported in Canada and United States.

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Installation without flame

EPDM is cold-installed, without any flame. Its seams are made by contact adhesives. It can also be held in place by a ballasted system (especially for large areas), mechanically fastened (only for the reinforced version) or more commonly for small areas, fully bonded. Note that the white membrane is only available in a non-reinforced version, for which full adherence to the substrate, walls and parapets is mandatory.

Exceptional flexibility

The EPDM membrane has exceptional elasticity even at -45° C, ensuring durability.

 With adequate underlaying support, ideally a slightly flexible insulating panel such as polyisocyanurate (standard density), the EPDM membrane will be the champion in all categories against hail impacts. A support which is too sturdy like wood will increase the risk of pinching the membrane.

Exceptional flexibility

The black EPDM membrane is available in sizes up to 50 feet wide by 200 feet long. This allows a very quick installation on large commercial surfaces (ballasted system only). Note that a ballasted system is very heavy and the building structure must have been designed to support it. This system is therefore very uncommon on residential buildings.

Environmentally friendly

EPDM is made of inert materials that have very little impact on the environment. In addition, EPDM membrane manufacturing plants have obtained ISO 14001 certification, which is a reflection of the commitment to environmental management. This membrane is recyclable only if installed without glue (ballasted system or mechanically fastened).

toitures commerciales et industrielles