Prepainted steel

Prepainted steel is an extremely durable, reliable and waterproof material. Its great versatility makes it possible to fit any design. The steel can be installed in a multitude of configurations.

Benefits of prepainted steel:

Great variety of colors :
The range of available colors allows room for creativity. When taking into consideration custom design, the possibilities becomes virtually endless, designers can even match the building to its environment or other specific materials.

Various thicknesses and shapes:
Our specialist will be happy to advise you on the type of steel, thickness and outline which suit your project best.

Environmentally friendly :
Steel sheets have the benefits of a light weight material which can be produced in various shapes and lengths. It is also flexible enough to allow for insulation over the building envelope. With several options and choices, there is certainly a steel roof system that will fit your budget.

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Galvanized steel:

Galvanized steel is a highly reflective white metal upon installation which becomes matte with time.


  • Rugged against the elements (hail, wind, ice…);
  • Aesthetic pale gray highlights ;
  • Easy maintenance ;
  • Lightweight ;
  • Very good product life (from 30 up to 75 years).

Note that Galvalume is a different version of galvanized steel, which has a thin aluminum layer on its surface. This addition gives it a more durable glossy appearance even though it prevents the installer from using welding for special junctions. 

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Major styles of steel roofing

Standing seams
This style of metal roofing is easily recognizable by its narrow standing seams between the sheets. Like the casing style, the length of each pan is ideally limited to 10 feet (3 meters) or less to avoid potential undulations due to the expansion of the metal during hot weather.

Canadian style
Traditional technique very popular from the 18th century up to the early 20th century. Metal sheets overlap diagonally across the roof. The malleable metal makes it possible to fit the most complex pitched roofs, as on many Quebec churches.

Casing style
The sheet is folded and stapled to wooden rod that lines the slopes to give the roofing a unique dimensional look. This style is mostly used on ancestral homes but also becomes increasingly popular with new seamless installation techniques.


toitures commerciales et industrielles
Steel tiles are mainly used to provide a more detailed and varied look. They are generally more expensive than sheets since the amount of material required is greater. Tiles with a granulated finish are also available, providing additional protection to the metal but also more efficient to prevent ice and snow from falling off the roof.

Depending on your project, sheets are folded at our factory or on site by our specialists.