Commercial flat roof

Our services:

Quote on plans and specifications:

Our experienced estimators are able to evaluate your roofing project from your plans and specifications and provide a fair and accurate fixed price.

For some special projects, we also offer our services at an hourly rate when is be more beneficial to our clients.

Commercial snow removal and winter maintenance: 

With more and more freeze and thawperiods during winter in Quebec , roof maintenance becomes essential. Let us advise you so you are better prepared as the various winter conditions can cause several problems such as: 

    • Excessive snow accumulation can clog fans and / or mechanical outputs;
    • Drastic temperature changes can form frazil ice, even ice that can slow down or completely block the drainage;
    • The added weight of snow and ice can affect your building structure Etc.

Renovation, loss, damage and emergency: 

Couvertures Montérégiennes team of experts can carry out turnkey renovation projects or care of the damages following an incident. With our general contractor’s license, we can also manage all the construction trades required for your project.

Inspection and Thermography

Several methods are used by our inspectors to identify roofing problems. Infrared thermography can help detect the presence of wet insulation in thermos type roofs (sandwich), which are not ventilated and have an exposed membrane. Infrared can also allow in some cases the detection of leakage and / or heat loss leading to condensation.