With its general contractor’s license, Couvertures Montérégiennes is able to meet all your needs related to roofing and more. Here is an overview of our services:

  • Waterproofing: Beyond roofing, our experts are qualified to install membranes on any type of support.
    – Building foundations and other concrete structures;
    – Ponds;
    – Underground garages;
    – Green roofs, etc.
  • Investigation and Thermography:: Our inspectors are able to identify roofing problems with different methods. Infrared thermography can help detect the presence of wet insulation in thermos type roofs (sandwich), which are not ventilated and have an exposed membrane. Infrared can also allow in some cases the detection of leakage and / or heat loss that leading to condensation. Other non-intrusive methods can also be very useful to locate infiltrations. If you find any evidence of infiltration, contact us without delay
  • Inspection and estimation: Request an inspection by one of our experts to get an accurate picture of your roof’s status as well as its components. Since no solution is ideal for all types of roofs, our expert will explain all the possibilities available, from materials to installation type, and guide you toward the best choice for your building and budget. A very detailed estimate will be provided (if possible on site).
  • DCommercial snow removal and winter maintenance: Quebec’s winters featuring more and more freeze and thaw cycles, roof maintenance becomes essential. Let us help you so you are better prepared as the various winter conditions can cause several problems such as:
    -Une accumulation de neige trop importante pouvant boucher des ventilateurs ou des sorties mécaniques;
    -Un changement de températures brusque pouvant former du frasil, voire des formations en bloc de glace qui ralentissent ou bloquent carrément le drainage;
    – Excessive accumulation of snow could block the fans or mechanical outputs; – Drastic temperatures changes can form frazil ice, or ice formations that slow down or even completely block the drainage; – The added weight of snow and ice may affect the structure of your building, etc. 
  • Insulation: mproving energy efficiency of a building constitutes a drastic change in its mechanics, so it is not to be taken lightly, especially for one of the most critical parts of a building, the roof. From blown cellulosic fiber to sprayed urethane as well as rigid panels and mats, let our experts guide you towards the best choice for your building and your budget.
  • Ventilation: Working in conjunction with your roof’s insulation, ventilation is essential for most residential roofs. Our inspectors evaluate the ventilation of each project in order to make adjustments as needed.
  • Gutters and gargoyles (scupper): Often seen from below, gargoyles are found on the roof’s exterior parapets of large commercial buildings having basin-type roof configuration. They form a backup output for water in the event of clogged or overwhelmed drains. A roof refection doesn’t usually affect the gutters, but we can replace them if needed, ideally with seamless aluminum. Protections against clogging by leaves and other debris are also recommended as needed. 
  • Thinsmithing: Our tinsmiths craftsmen are able to create or recreate all ornamental details, crafted cornices, finials, etc.