Prepainted Steel

Prepainted steel is an extremely durable, tough and waterproof material. It is also endowed with great versatility allowing it to adapt to any design.

Prepainted sheet steel offers several advantages:

Available in a wide range of colors:
The available color palette allows you to leave room for all your creativity. As the possibilities are virtually endless with the addition of bespoke design, designers can match the building with its setting or other specific materials.

Several thicknesses and several shapes:
Our specialist will be happy to advise you on the type of steel, thickness, and profile that best suits your project.

Sheet steel offers the advantages of a very light material that can be produced in various profiles and lengths. It is also flexible enough to allow the installation of insulation inside the building envelope. With a variety of possibilities and choices, there is certainly a steel roof system that will fit your budget.

Galvanized steel:

Galvanized steel is a highly reflective white metal upon installation which becomes matte with time.

The advantages of galvanized:

  • Rugged against the elements (hail, wind, ice?);
  • Aesthetic pale gray reflections;
  • Easy to maintain;
  • Lightweight ;
  • Very good longevity (between 30 and 75 years).

Note that galvalume is a different version of galvanized steel, with a thin layer of galvanized aluminum on the surface of the steel. This addition gives it a more durable glossy appearance but also deprives the installer of the use of solder for special seams.

Main styles of metal roofs

  • The pinch joint sheet:
    Pinch-seam sheet is recognized by its narrow, raised seal between the sheets. As with striped sheet metal, the length of each panel is ideally limited to 10 feet (3 meters) and less to avoid potential ripples due to metal expansion in hot weather.
  • Canadian sheet metal:
    Very popular traditional technique from the 18th century until the beginning of the 20th century. The tin sheets overlap diagonally on the roof. The malleable sheet metal allows it to follow the shapes of the most complex sloping roofs, as in many churches in Quebec.
  • The chopsticks:
    The sheet is folded and stapled on wooden strips that run along the slopes, to give a unique relief to the roof. This style of laying is mostly used on ancestral homes but is also becoming more and more popular with new seamless laying techniques.
  • Tiles:
    Steel tiles are mainly used to provide a more detailed and varied choice of relief. On the other hand, they are generally more expensive than breakdowns since the quantity of material required is greater. Tiles with a granulated finish are also available, offering additional protection to the metal but also providing a non-slip surface reducing the risk of snow and ice.

Depending on your project, the sheets are bent at our factory or on-site by our specialists.