Cedar shingles

Installation method:

Not all cedar shingle roofs are created equal. A wide variety of cedars and grades are available on the market. While choosing red or western blue cedar is a good start, it must also be properly selected, sized and installed, in order to ensure durability.

The state-of-the-art installation of a good A grade western cedar is perfectly suited to cope with our harsh climate.

This material has been proven in North America for several hundred years.

This cedar shingle has superior insulation and soundproofing properties compared to other varieties, not to mention its remarkable aesthetic appeal.

Bien que la teinte du cèdre rouge soit légèrement rougeâtre à l’installation, s’il est laissé à l’état naturel sans autre protection, son fini satiné deviendra d’un gris argenté avec le temps.

Le cèdre rouge est légèrement plus cher à l’achat que le cèdre blanc puisque sa densité est plus élevée, gage de robustesse et de stabilité.

Lifespan: between 30 and 50 years, or even more depending on the installation and the environment